Services Designed with You in mind . . . 



As a member or guest of United Hearts Church, your time is valued.  All of our Sunday services begin promptly at 10:30am and generally conclude by 12:00pm.  


Because we believe that while church is important, fellowship and family can not be overlooked or over-stressed.  Our 10:30-12:00pm service plan allows you to sleep in a little, get the family ready, and be released from service in time to build relationships both in and outside of your household as you prepare for your work week.


God - Oriented


In the midst of our celebration, we don't want to ever forget the purpose of our existence - to educate our members and visitors on the beliefs that God has about us.  We will never force religion, but instead encourage relationship with a personal God whose love is greater than you could ever imagine, hope or dream for. 

Fun & Family!


One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is the need for a quiet, sad or somber mentality in order to give proper respect to our Almighty God.  


At UHC we could not disagree more!  


We believe that God's love frees us - and that's something worth having the whole Family shouting, smiling, high-fiving, and dancing about.


 We respect personal space, but know that from our mouths to our feet we were designed to rejoice and be glad - so on Sundays, that's what we'll do!


People & Dream Driven


While God is AMAZING, we know that life is real.  Break-ups, good times, bad times, happiness, depression - and much more sometimes make it tough to see "the good" in life.  At United Hearts Church we believe that God gives us community so that we can do life TOGETHER.  As such, our services include ample time for real people with real problems, real goals, real dreams, and more to connect with other real people to pray, celebrate, laugh,with and generally enjoy the gift of community!